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Dear Coaches, Parents and Families, Player

It is once again my pleasure to welcome you all to another season at Cooperstown Baseball World! It is hard for me to believe this will be our 17th season! I have been here since we opened in 1999 and have had the pleasure of watching so many of these teams grow up with us! I have the most wonderful memories of CBW, which I hope to be able to give to you all as well.


This season we welcome teams from 19 different states as well as Canada.

For the coaches and team Moms who helped with the planning, I know at times it seemed as if you would never make it through all of the paperwork, but you did! I have worked with you all for many months to get ready for this trip and I hope you relax and enjoy yourselves now that you are here and realize it was all well worth it!

Although this will be a wonderful experience for you, and your families, most importantly this tournament is "All About the Kids"! It always has been here at CBW and it will continue to be. The friendships they make and the memories they take home will last a lifetime.

For those organizations I have worked with now for numerous years, such as Brookline Baseball, Hilltop, Team Mizuno and the South Harlem Reds, I welcome you back. For those of you experiencing Cooperstown Baseball World for the first time, I welcome you to our family. Enjoy the week and Good Luck to you all!!

Debra Reed
Cooperstown Baseball World