Cooperstown Baseball World


Above are the links to the registration forms you will need to get your team registered and secure your team’s spot. Any team registered with the proper deposit prior to September 30th of the prior tournament year, received a 10% rollback discount!

As you will see, all teams are required to choose three various weeks in the order they prefer, and submit a $1,000 deposit, either by bank, cashier’s check or credit card (#, expiration date and 3 digit security code are also required).

Registration forms submitted without the proper information included or without a deposit will be returned. All teams registered before November 1st, will receive confirmation, in writing, no later than November 10th.

Any team who registers their team after December 1st, must submit at least 2,000 and begin to follow the set payment schedule. Failure of any team to keep up with the given payment schedule may result in the forfeiture of your team’s tournament spot.

Good Luck and hope to see you with us in the future,
Debra Reed
Cooperstown Baseball World