Cooperstown Baseball World


Welcome Umpires!

Are you coming with a team this summer to Cooperstown Baseball World to be their volunteer umpire? Are you a certified umpire who would like to volunteer for a team who cannot find an umpire and have the Cooperstown experience while doing so? Then you are in the right place!

Cooperstown Baseball World invites you to be a part of their special Umpire's Association. CBW is developing this program in part to enhance our tournament and to allow those of you who are so dedicated and give so much to youth baseball already, to be a part of something so unique and in the most historic place of baseball existence - Cooperstown! Your direct involvement with our players, coaches and families will allow us to preserve the game in the way it's meant to be played, with dignity, class and desire!


Each umpire's stay is expense free and he or she will receive the following while in attendance:

» 7 Days / 6 nights lodging in the CBW college dormitories
» 3 meals a day provided by Cooperstown Baseball World
» Ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
» CBW National Youth Hall of Fame Ring
» Induction into the National Youth Hall of Fame
» CBW Gift Apparel item of the year
» CBW Trading Pin
» CBW Water Bottle
» Call an average of three games a day
» Work with Quality umpires from around the United States and Canada

All Volunteer Umpire's are Required to Bring:
Umpire Uniform (suggest bringing two sets if you have them)
All Necessary Equipment
Bed Linens & Blanket
Personal Items and Toiletries

Laundry Service for Umpires: $20.00 per week
Wash, dry and fold service.
Uniforms, personal clothing and towels.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.


You can print your Umpire Participation Form for upcoming Cooperstown Baseball World Tournaments by clicking below or Call Cooperstown Baseball World today to receive your Umpire Participation Form for upcoming tournaments at (888) CBW-8750.